19 Bank Street - White Plains, NY 10606

Papi's Restaurant is located within the Commercial Unit of 15 Bank Apartments at corner of Main St. & Bank St. just in front of the Railway Station and 15 Bank Apartments Building.

In our restaurant people can find a nice Italian Cafeteria and a comfortable place to eat at any time of the day until 9pm. We serve fresh made Pasta and Pinsa, Italian Meatballs and Fries or delicious sides. Order online  for pick up or delivery or use our partners Uber Eats, GrubHub or DoorDash for door to door delivery! 

Papi'™ is an Italian Food Service Concept that follows 100% traditional recipes and culinary techniques. Eat a dish of Pasta at Papi'™, close your eyes and we bring you directly to Italy with an amazing food experience!



15 Bank


CITY Square



You can  NOW park for free at City Square, White Plains, conveniently located in front of our restaurant and with 3 easy way to access from wherever you come! 


From Main St. you can access the garage adding 50 Main St. in your GPS direction or  you can also access from Lexington Ave adding 24 S Lexington Ave or simply from Martine Ave adding

1 Martine Ave. 


Just grab the ticket exit on Bank St. following the direction in the lot and we will add a sticker that will give you free parking,          

then enjoy your food!


Additionally you can park for free at the Municipal Parking Lot, just add 3 Hamilton Ave on your GPS direction  cross the pathway and you're right into our restaurant!

You can also park at the guest  lot of 15 Bank Commons located at

15 Bank St. building entrance on the left!

We validate your ticket up to an hour!

More way to enjoy your

favorite food!

PAPI'™  19 Bank Street (Corner of Main St. & Bank St.)  White Plains, NY -10606 -     914-328-6535