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Pasta & Pinsa Makes Papi’

Combining the latest kitchen technology and traditional culinary techniques with our commitment to fresh, all-natural ingredients, you can dive into authentic dishes in less than 5 minutes!


Healthy Italian Food

Our Pinsa, the original street food of the ancient Romans, offers— 48% less sugar, 85% less fat (we only use a little olive oil), 100% less cholesterol, highly digestible because of the fermentation process of the dough, and a dough made of non-GMO wheat, rice, and soy flour.


Street Food

Using all-natural ingredients, 100% traditional recipes, and culinary techniques, Papi'™️ is committed to serving authentic, customized Italian meals! Whether you are looking for a plate of fresh pasta or would like to divvy up our Roman-style pinsa with friends, we’ll send your tastebuds to Italy!

We are the first fast casual Italian restaurant to serve pasta and pizza at “fast food” speed and affordability while outperforming five star restaurant quality.